Photographers time and again, complained that their pictures were not getting published, so they were the next to gain the attention of Lurzer’s Archive. And, in a way, they did have a point. Their photos were often exceptional, yet the campaigns in which they appeared frequently were not. So why not produce a separate title precisely for cases such as these? This marked the birth of Lurzer’s Archive Special. Dedicated to the subject of Advertising Photography, the first issue appeared in 1998. Further Specials then followed.

Above all, it was Advertising Photography and Commercial Illustration that proved to be the titles most coveted by photographers and illustrators. Word soon got around that being published here really did bring in the commissions. The number clamouring for publication grew accordingly and, soon, the situation got completely out of hand. The concept had to be changed: from that moment on, a jury was appointed to review all submissions and select the best 200 photographers, and these were the ones who then got featured in the respective volume. The new concept was also reflected in the title, which was changed to: Lurzer’s Archive 200 Best Ad Photographers/Illustrators. Since 2004, these two products have been appearing every two years. Further volumes focusing on graphic design and other areas of design were also developed.