Learning is critical in this evolving advertising landscape. Failure to keep abreast of the industry, its evolution, the trends, and the latest innovations and work could make an ad person a dinosaur. Metal Factor as access to some of the region’s best trainers and personally knows several leading professionals in the industry. Therefore, Metal Factor is able to facilitate a training program for an individual agency or an industry body. All you have got to do is share with us a brief of your training requirement and we will help you to find the perfect faculty to fulfil your requirement.

The advertising industry is always in need of people. Metal Factor is keen to attract the brightest talent into the industry. We therefore have gained the collective participation of several agencies in this country to provide internships to young aspiring ad men and women.

The program is aimed at students interested in pursuing a career in marketing communications and the related disciplines. Selection is through an interview process with criteria based on educational background, understanding and interest in the industry, and commitment.

Interns will work alongside members of the team from the selected agency and “mirror” actual projects in the agency. Each project will be periodically assessed by their Supervisor. In addition they will also learn about the key aspects of the department and assist the Department teams with day to day ad-hoc functions like thinking of an idea, writing some copy or even mounting a visual and also doing some routine duties such as sending faxes, maintaining guard books, ect. The duration of an Internship Program may vary from 2 weeks to 3 months on a full-time basis, Monday through Friday, from 9.00 a.m. to 5.30 p.m.

Candidates will face an interview and will be required to take a Personality Test. Successful candidates are required to enroll for the duration of their chosen program. Their participation in training and general attendance will be monitored.

If you are interested in gaining an internship with an agency, please forward your resume to swarna_goonetileke@metalfactor.lk. If you have a preference for an agency at which you would like your internship, please specify these details as well.

If you would like to offer placements to the Metal Factor Internship Program, please get in touch with us by calling Swarna on +94 777 392 655 to discuss how you could be included into our roster.